Top Graphic Designers To Watch on YouTube

Looking for advice, inspiration or tutorials to up your graphic design skills? YouTube can be a great resource for learning the various aspects of design. From basic design principles to learning the ins and outs of design software to running your own design business, there are many experienced and highly skilled designers willing to share their knowledge, process and valuable design tips.

Below is my list of the top five graphic designers to watch and subscribe to on YouTube.

#1 – The Skool (Chris Do & Jose Caballer)

Weekly videos on design, business, career advice and entrepreneurship hosted by Chris Do and Jose Caballer. Both are highly successful and experienced designers who currently run a website called The Skool an online education platform helping creatives build and run effective businesses.

A lot of really great content for both the beginner to experienced designer. Check out their video on creating a design portfolio. Some excellent insight and advice!

#2 – Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake's mission has been to help, inspire, influence and motivate over 100,000 creative professionals based on a simple motto "Create Something Awesome!" With over 140,000 subscribers and counting his influence on the graphic design community has been tremendous.

Roberto is one of the most active graphic designers on YouTube. He posts new content daily and has produced over 150 videos on graphic design alone. He also provides useful information on other topics such as photography, marketing and entrepreneurship.

#3 – Will Paterson

Will Paterson is a Freelance Graphic Designer based in the UK specializing in logo design, branding and hand lettering. He provides a young, personal and insightful perspective on graphic design. Will is an all-around class act. His personality, honesty and willingness to help others has made me an avid follower.

#4 – Charli Marie

Charli Maire is another awesome YouTuber based in the UK providing a unique perspective on her experience as a freelancer and t-shirt designer. New videos every Tuesday and Saturday. Charli also has some great content on DIY projects that are worthy of checking out.

#5 – Stephen Bradbury

Stephen is a freelance designer specializing in hand lettering. His channel is primarily focused on providing speed art and tutorial videos. If you're looking to up your hand-lettering skills I highly recommend checking out his channel.

Have you come across any graphic designers on YouTube that are worthy of sharing? Feel free to post your favorite recommendations in the comments below.